Today’s the day!!!

Unfortunately, (or fortunately, at least wedding-planning-wise) 2008 is not the year. My fiance and I are getting hitched on January 8, 2009 at the Wedding Pavillion in the Walt Disney World Resort. So, as of right now, I have 364 days and 23 hours to plan before my wedding day. Of course, my engagement year would have that one extra leap day in it!!!

My goal is to plan a lovely and comfortable, but not extravagant, wedding at WDW for 50 guests. Although Disney weddings can get very expensive, I’m confident that I’ll have plenty of time to


  1. plan a lovely wedding
  2. stay in my budget
  3. reach my wedding goal weight
  4. do all of this without making myself, or my fiance, crazy


before our wedding day! Our big priorities are making sure that our families, who are all flying in from out of town, are comfortable and taken care of. I have special concerns about my grandparents who are both in their eighties, since they’re making the long trip from Napa for my big day. Among the other topics, I plan on going over all of the resort options for WDW wedding guests, with the pros and cons for each type of guest and celebration.

I’ll also be checking out ways to save money on dresses, flowers, invitations, favors, and all the little things, without resorting to walking down the aisle in a polyester nightmare. There are a lot of creative options available to brides these days, thanks in part to the booming bridal magazine industry and I’ve put my favorite bridal necessities in the links on the right and I’ll update those as I find more things.

Mostly, I’m just going to be recording the hunt for the perfect $20,000 WDW wedding. That $20,000 is supposed to include the wedding, reception, photography, dress, invitations, transportation, hotels…you name it! It doesn’t include our “home” receptions in Napa and Ohio, so I had better keep under budget! It’s going to be tough, since Disney weddings get so pricey so fast (not to mention the travel expenses), but it’s a challenge I’m excited to take on! Plus, it will help pass the time until I can finally marry my guy!

1 day down…but hey, who’s counting?…

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