I got my dress!!!!


I just had the best morning I’ve ever had while having a fever+sinus infection. Janean and I went to the Running of the Brides at Filene’s Basement this morning. The Running of the Brides is a historic event in which the store has a one-day sale of sample sizes and discontinued dresses that normally cost a whole lot of money. It only happens once a year, so people camp out all night and plan for weeks. The dresses aren’t organized by size or style, so when the doors open at 8 am, the brides actually stampede and grab armfuls, without bothering to check sizes. They then trade and barter with each other to get what they want. Teams accompany each bride, and a lot of them have matching outfits, premade signs, and whistles/duck calls. It’s a little chaotic.

Because this is such a complicated process, I enlisted Janean (bridesmaid extraordinaire) to help. I actually asked Nate (bridesman not-so-much-extraordinaire-as-confused-by-the-whole-thing) initially because he was the first person I saw after I found out that it wasn’t a wander-in-and-browse type of experience, but he wasn’t too into it. I’m really glad that he didn’t come, actually, because it was very competitive and crazy for a while and all the brides stripped down in the middle of the store to try things on, myself included. Janean, as it turns out, is crazy good at sample sale shopping. She traded, demanded, grabbed, zipped, and hoarded like a pro. I’m really glad I took her because my fever was back this morning and I felt awful. This is the worst sinus infection I’ve ever had and I just want to remove my entire face. As it turned out, though, I stayed in one place and my only job was to put on and take off clothing. Janean did all of the carrying, running around, and grabbing.

I was actually worried that this was going to be a bad experience overall, even before I got sick. I mean, wedding dress shopping is one of those things that you think about doing all your life (if you have ovaries and other girl parts). In those fantasies, I was always in a salon, with little women helping me, twirling around on a pedastal while my mom commented and interfered. So, to join a herd of stampeding bargain shoppers in the hunt through reject dresses was sort of disheartening. But, for every bit of money saved, I get to pour more into my reception, photography, and honeymoon. Besides, I love a good bargain.

As it turned out, this was so much more fun than traditional dress shopping would have been. It was sort of a bummer that my mom couldn’t be there, but Janean was really the perfect person to take, because she has a good eye for what would look good and she’s instantly decisive. “Yes.” “No.” “God, no.” “That’s not flattering.” “Your boobs look good.” “Completely awful.” It’s very much like shopping with an automatic computer that spits out a 3-5 word decision and then continues sorting information. Overall, I tried on about 50 dresses, which were then narrowed down to 2. There were actually 2 more which snuck in after I had done the narrowing down, because Janean kept treasure hunting, but I only got pictures of one. I would have normally taken my camera and gotten pictures of a lot more, just to share in the fun, but I was so busy blowing my nose and not fainting that I wasn’t in a picture taking mood. So, I only have a few cell-phone-camera photos to share.

This is one of the 2 that snuck in after I had narrowed down the first 50 to 2 dresses…

I didn’t like it when Neaner first brought it over, but it was really pretty on. The whole thing is flowy chiffon and it was very elegant and ethereal. It’s a bad picture, because Janean was off hunting when I took it, but I wanted to capture the top of it. I actually considered this one pretty heavily and walked around in it, but in the end it wasn’t very flattering despite being pretty, and it wasn’t at all Disney.

The other dress that snuck in, which I don’t have a picture of, was totally disney. It was a strapless, A-line dress that had glittery beading all over it in sweeping floral patterns. My description can’t do it justice, but it was very fairy tale. In the end I decided against it because Kyle isn’t overly taken with the really glittery dresses, so we didn’t get a picture. It was really pretty though.

This is the dress that would have made it if I hadn’t found the other one…

Janean actually wasn’t a huge fan of this one, and to be fair if I had seen myself from the back I think I would have changed my mind. I didn’t see that shot until I got home and put these pics on the computer though. See how it looks like I’m bending over or something in the second picture? Yeah, I’m not. Either the dress has a built-in bustle or it decided to accent my fairly generous tush. Can we say pear-shaped? I liked the front of this dress, though, and I liked how white it was. It was white, white, ice-white in a sea of ivory dresses, so it stood out to me. In the end, Janean talked me into the other one and I’m really glad she did because when I compare the pictures I can’t even believe it took me so long to decide between them.

And the winner is…

Hooray!!!! I love it!!!! It’s a 2be dress, style# 233601. I tried to find a picture of it online, because these pictures don’t do it justice at all, but I suppose it’s been discontinued because I can’t find it anywhere. It’s strapless and fairly simple, but it has a gathered sash accent at the waist which is topped off by a pretty sizeable jeweled accent. I’ll get a picture later. I actually am not partial to large jewel accents, or strapless and plain dresses for that matter, but this one is really, really pretty on. The jewel makes it very wintery and I’ll be able to wear whatever jewelry with it that I want to. I really, really like it, which is great because I haven’t been that excited about the whole wedding dress thing. And the best part? Total cost, with tax = $262, originally $1,545.

So, I might have a pounding head and a fever that won’t quit, but I also have a dress I love and a bridesmaid who didn’t judge me for going through an entire BOX of kleenexes while I was trying on dresses. And it’s only February 1!! I can’t believe my wedding isn’t until forever! It’s good, because I do need to tone up and lose some weight before I get married, but, seeing as how I have 11 months and one week, I think I’m ok.

Of course, the big question here is…where should I put the hidden Mickeys? 🙂

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