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    Magical Day Weddings Says Goodbye

    Those of you who follow this blog on Facebook might have seen last night’s announcements: after nine years of happy blogging, I’ll be shutting down Magical Day Weddings within the next couple of weeks.

    Photo by Root Photography

    Kyle and I got married at Walt Disney World in 2009. I’d started planning our Disney wedding exactly a year earlier on a little blogspot blog called “Budget Disney Wedding”. I talked about trying to save up enough to make our dream come true, the little DIY projects I was putting together, going shopping for my dress, etc. I told the story of how we’d met on the Disney College Program and went through all of the different options we were considering for our fairy tale day. And, slowly but surely, I met brides and Disney lovers and wedding lovers who came to the blog to follow my posts and on our wedding day I had a whole group of online friends who were truly friends.

    After we got married, it took me six months to recap our wedding as I went over every detail and photo with a fine tooth comb. By that point, we were in a full swing recession and I had been laid off from my state job so I we were that newly married couple living with my parents and trying to figure out our next move. I started to wonder if I could actually turn this blogging thing – this fun, exciting thing that helped me keep my chin up when everything was uncertain – into an actual occupation. I went to my first blog conference. I started to work with photographers. I put up a Facebook page. And I got to do it all with the amazing support of the Disney bride (and groom!) community.

    Nine years later, I have another blog. I’ve had more than fifty different blogs in the meantime. (Yes, really. I’m insane.) I live in Salt Lake City, Utah. I have three kids. I balance ballet lessons with well child checkups. I budget to buy our groceries in bulk from warehouse stores and I haven’t put a dollar in our Disney vacation fund in more than a year. I only go to the Disney parks when someone sends me as a mom blogger and when I see a woman in bride ears I have to stop myself from waving and/or pouncing because I remember that she isn’t going to have any idea who I am. I’m this veteran emeritus Disney bride who was once a source of all info and now I couldn’t tell you what the wedding package rates are to save my life. But I can tell you that they’re pretty expensive and hey do you know how good interest rates are if you wanted to spend that money on a down payment for a house?


    I had a vision for this blog and parts of that vision never came true. I really wanted to get that interactive photo spot map going so people could track down the exact locations for the engagement photos they wanted in the parks. I wanted to do a vendor directory that let you see the freshest work vendors were putting out since styles have definitely changed over the last nine years and my archives aren’t the best representation any more.

    I wanted to have a Disney brides park weekend that was basically a big sleepover where we’d get together and have a DJ and a fancy wedding cake and we’d all get to be wedding guests and brides and bridesmaids all at the same time with our favors and our confetti and our little Disney bride buttons. I wanted to meet you guys in WDW and Disneyland once or twice a year. I wanted us to cruise together. I wanted to know you all as soon as I saw you…to be able to pull up your wedding photos in my mind and gush about your floral choices. I wanted to keep my Disney bride ears on.


    The site has gotten stale. There’s no way around it and no real excuse. I have at least 50 wedding and engagement submissions in my inbox, waiting to be posted, and every time I think about that I worry that those brides thought I didn’t like their events enough to show them. It’s not that. They just got lost under birthday party invites and blog invoices and parent teacher conference confirmations. I admit I might never have opened them, but believe me I would have loved them if I had.

    So, with a wave and a little nostalgic mistiness, I’m folding up. If I can’t do what I wanted to do, I don’t want the site to sit here and be a place that isn’t supporting vendors and brides. I’d rather leave with mostly good feelings and maybe occasionally slip my bride ears on at the parks in the hopes of catching a wave or a hug from an old friend.

    If you’d still like to follow my adventures (hey, we’ll go to WDW someday!), I’d love it if you found me over on Ever Clever Mom or at least joined me on my general Facebook page. Love!

    Photo by Root Photography